How to Start a Title Company

How to Start a Title Company

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How to Start a Title Company

Learn all of the secrets and tools of the trade of the title industry! We will provide you with step-by-step instruction on how to start a title company. We are not simply offering a do-it-yourself instruction book, manual or a set of DVD’s; rather, we are literally offering you an opportunity to learn how to start a title company directly from us. Who we are and what do we know? The answer is that we are the principals of Armour Settlement Services, LLC, a nationwide title company providing title services since 2001. We are offering you our time; we will make ourselves available to you throughout the day to answer your questions and advise you every step of the way as you start your own title company. We will be available to you via phone, email or in person at your location, at our offices, or even at another mutually convenient location. Furthermore, we will still be available to you after you have begun your new title company to continue to provide you with guidance and information.

Depending on the arrangement we work out with you, we could have one of our highly experienced managers or employees speak with your employees to assist them in resolving specific issues that may arise on any given day. At any moment, you may experience a problem with an individual file or situation; we could be available to you during any such emergency. By now we have "seen it all" and therefore, can effectively guide you to the best possible outcome, while navigating you through the possible regulatory, marketing, operational and financial consequences of each potential decision.

When we started in this industry years ago we had nobody "on call" to solve problems we encountered. By Contrast, you will have a "partner" on your side when you experience difficulty anywhere in the process. We will be there for you, whether you have a quick question about a file, need help with your technology, need expert advice with a potentially risky business decision, or merely desire to obtain a second opinion before making a specific business move. We transact business nationwide, and we can advise you on the intricacies and particular customs unique to each State or region.


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